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Looking to build a home with a new construction builder? Hire a Real Estate Agent to represent you.

Here is why…

First let us start with, we love working with Builders. You can build your dream home with any fabulous new home construction Builder. But did you know that the agents at the Builders represent the Builder, NOT YOU!

A Realtor would work for you, not the builder but what kind of things can a Realtor really help you with and HOW MUCH WILL IT COST YOU?


What will it cost you?

Hiring a Realtor to represent you when building a new construction home will cost you nothing!!!

Builders already have money set aside to pay the Realtor!!! If you choose to not use a Realtor, that money isn’t deducted from your cost, it just ins’t used.




Realtors can help walk you through the pre-approval process you will need to purchase your new home.


What’s Standard

Realtors can help discover what is standard in a new construction and what is an upgrade and how that will effect your cost.




A Realtor will help with getting creative with negotiations. When it comes to Real Estate Contracts, Realtors know the lingo and know what can be negotiated will make sure your get the best deal possible.


Research Builder

Most Realtors have a relationship to most builders and have worked with them before. Realtors know information about the community and builder that clients may not know and can assist in choosing the best community and builder for their client.



Home Inspection

Realtors can contact and help schedule a reputable home inspector to make sure the builders inspection matches with an outside inspectors findings.


HOA Restrictions

Realtors either already know or can easily find out the restrictions and bylaws for the community. If you buy a house wanting to put in a pool after it is completed, a Realtor can help you with the HOA rules before you build.


Builder Warranty

Did you know that not all new construction warranties aren’t provided through the builder but could be provided from a third party. A Realtor can do research for you on the warranty so you are better educated before you sign the contract.